Saturday, June 13, 2009

Some Belated Thank Yous

Life has been so busy lately but I feel like I'm finally catching up! I have had some awards left for me here and I would like to thank

Dezigns by Amanda for the Blog Magico award

Pinks Poetic Scraps for the One Lovely Blog award

Thank you both so much for thinking of me.

Bunchie tagged me a while back so here are the answers finally lol -

I've Been Tagged

8 things I look forward to:
1) School holidays
2) promptly followed by school going back lol
3) family get togethers
4) Sunday morning sleep ins
5) summer (it's winter here in Australia right now)
6) catching up with friends
7) harvesting our veggie patch
8) the day my kids will eat anything I put in front of them

8 things I did yesterday
1) beat my email into submission
2) grocery shopping
3) made pizza from scratch for dinner
4) sat and had a glass of wine with my hubby
5) caught up with some chat groups
6) watched some TV
7) made youngest clean out her school bag - eeeeewwww factor 11/10
8) sat up playing stupid games on the computer until well after midnight

8 things I wish I could do
1) play the piano
2) write a really good bow script lol
3) only have to tell my children to do stuff once!
4) same with husband!!!
5) teach our budgie to talk
6) be independently wealthy and not have to worry about bills
7) be in several places at once so I could do everything I wanted to
8) write a novel

8 Shows I watch
1) Masterchef
2) Supernatural
3) Criminal Minds
4) Dr Who
5) Torchwood
6) Heroes
7) Sanctuary
8) Dexter

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