Tuesday, December 2, 2008

MtA Freebies

Did you know that Mistaken Art has lots of freebies?

You will find a list of the current Free To Use Artists HERE. Free images are regularly given out for tagging competitions too. (My Sunset Tag won first place in a recent competition.) For the month of December a free taggers sized Christmas kit by me is also available to license holders, see December Freebies.

To access the freebies all you have to do is apply for a FTU (free to use) license with them. "How do I do that?" I hear you ask lol. Well it is very simple!

From Mis -

We are going to start doing FTU License numbers.
We only have a few requirements for this .

You use YOUR number.. And YOURS alone.

You have to be a Member of this group. You can be on Special Notices if you like. Which may be one email a month.

It WILL be tied to your Personal Use license number, and your commercial use license number either if you have it NOW, or if you get it LATER.

If you do not have a license number.

Go to our group Database for FTU License Apps.

Add your Name and Email Address and Yahoo ID. Please Be sure it is the Name you have on your MTA Account so we can link it if you purchase from MtA. If you have a problem posting it, I will get it from you in a reply email after I send out your license number.

I will contact you. Please approve messages from mis.mistakenart@gmail.com and mystee.mistakenart@gmail.com We will not resend bounced emails. We will have hundreds of requests come in, so please be patient. We work on a volunteer basis,and try to do FTU updates twice weekly LoL. Mystee and I do everything by hand, so we ensure its done right.

You will Need this number for the following reasons.

To use your gifted, unique images you win at MtA
For any FTU artists you plan on using that sign with MtA.
If you purchase at MtA please reference to this license number.

If you have a PTU or CU license number.
Our licenses are listed like this
Pay to use - MtA-Pxxx
Commercial Use - MtA-Cxxx
Free to Use - MtA-Fxxx

Please apply an " F " in place of the " P " on your license number to represent a Free to use image or artist.


If you have any questions you can email Mis or Mystee at the emails given above. You will also need to register an account at MtA as the FTU artists licenses are distributed via the shop.

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