Thursday, October 30, 2008

An Award and Thank Yous

Thank you to Jill from Created By Jill
for the Kreativ Blogger award. Much appreciated ♥.

I received this award a few days ago and have passed it to 7 other blogs.

I'm glad everyone likes the On The Beach kit and thank you for the lovely comments! I had a lot of fun making it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Beach Kits

I've been busy making some new kits to sell at MtA but I also have a new freebie as well. First up is the Tropical Days Kit. The kit is available in two sizes, a $4 Taggers size with papers 500 x 500 for personal, online use and a $6 Commercial Use size with papers 2400 x 2400 for scrap for hire projects and the like.

Kit Contains:
9 papers
5 glitter tiles
5 ribbons
5 bows
1 painted cardboard alpha
1 hibiscus border
1 pearl frame
2 hibiscus charms
3 organza butterflies
5 floral doodles
3 photo frame clusters
3 organza flowers

Click on the preview to shop at MtA.

And the freebie - On The Beach. This kit was made using photographs from our recent trip to Hervey Bay and like the MtA kits, comes in two sizes. You can use the full size kit for Scrap 4 Hire, etc - TOU are in the download.

Kit Contains
10 papers
4 glitter tiles
4 bows
4 chrome charms
4 ropes
4 rope frames
1 shell frame
5 shell tubes
2 photo frames
3 small flowers
1 flower motif
4 driftwood tags



Here's a little page I made with the kit

Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Award

A big thank you to Tammy Jo for the Kreativ Blogger award -

I have to tell you 7 things I love and then pass it on the 7 other blogs so here goes.

7 Things I Love and not necessarily in order of importance lol

*Devils DownUnder tag group
*my 2 darling daughters
*Sweet Chilli Sauce
*having a sleep in

and 7 blogs

Dreamgirl Productionz
Watched by Angels
Scrap Stuff With PSP Tutorials
Creative Dreams
Bon Scrapatit Designs
Laney's Scrappy Moments
Urban Fairytales

Bright Christmas Add On

I have made a little extra to go with the Bright Christmas Kit. It includes the tree base and decorations on separate layers, all coloured to match the Bright Christmas kit.


I also have some Personal Use Element Packs available at MtA. They are mostly the same as the Commercial Use packs only resized smaller and at a lower resolution for online use only. You can use them as accents for tags with any MtA artist or free to use artist as long as you are not in conflict with the artists TOU or on any of your personal online projects. They cannot be used in scrap kits or for anything you want to sell - you need to buy the commercial use version if you want to do that.

Each pack is $3. Click on the preview to shop at MtA -

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Christmas Kits

There are only 61 shopping days until Christmas and the shops are filling up with decorations so I figured it's not too early to put up a Christmas kit freebie lol.

This one is called Bright Christmas and is not your traditional Christmas colours -

Kit Contains:
12 papers
3 glitter tiles
4 candy canes
6 Christmas flowers
2 gold frames
6 holly
18 ornaments
3 presents
4 tinsel strands
3 bows
3 present wraps
4 wire words

(This kit is tagger sized)


I also have a Christmas kit available at MtA for those interested.

Kit Contains:
10 papers
6 glitter tiles
2 bell tubes
6 bows
12 ornaments
5 ricrac
2 ricrac decorations
5 ribbons
2 ribbon decorations
5 tinsel strands

The kit is available in two sizes, a $4 Taggers size with papers 500 x 500 for personal, online use and a $6 Commercial Use size with papers 2400 x 2400 for scrap for hire projects and the like. Click on the preview to shop at MtA.

There is also a Commercial Use accent pack available

Thanks for looking.

Friday, October 24, 2008



You are welcome to use any of my free kits as long as you abide by the following -

* You MAY resize, re-color, add or subtract from the elements to suit your personal project needs.

* You MAY create tutorials using my scrap kits BUT you MUST give credit and a link to my blog is required. Tutorial writers are allowed to upload my kits as part of supplies.

* You MAY use my Scrap Kits to create tags, MySpace or Website layouts, stationery and or any other personal digital projects that are applicable. Credit is required on your layout, stationery, etc. If you do contact boxes, you need the © because they can be snagged.

* You MAY NOT use my personal use scrap kits or any elements contained within them for any commercial endeavors, barter or used for profit in any way when you join a Personal use group. There may well be a Commercial Use version of the kit which will contain better quality images at larger sizes.

* You MAY NOT print my personal use scrap kits. They have a low resolution and don't print well - see if there is a commercial use version.

* If you want to share my free kits, please direct people to my blog so that I can keep track of what is popular and what isn't from the number of downloads.

* You MAY NOT make your own templates, presets, shapes, brushes etc from the elements contained within my scrap kits. That means the shadowed images as well.

* You MAY use my free scrap kits with PTU or FTU artists images, tubes or photography you wish as long as it does not conflict with the terms of use as designated by the source of the art or photography you are using in addition to the scrap kit. If you are using only the scrap kit for your project, please add my copyright information - ©Elizabeth Hartwig


Any item marked Commercial Use can be used by you in your own projects for personal or commercial use (ie you can sell it). This includes making your own scrap kits, freebies or pay for.

* You MAY use these items to create your own scrap kits, scrap for hire pages, element packs, quick pages, brag book pages, etc. You may sell the items you create. With the exception of scrap kits and element packs, finished products should be a single layer file.

* You MAY NOT create element packs from any Commercial Use scrap kits.

* You MAY NOT sell any resource "AS IS" - you must make something with it and it should be heavily modified from the original resource.

* You MAY NOT claim these resources as your own. The copyright for the resource remains with the person who originally created it.

* A credit in your Kit TOU with a link to my blog. Credit is not required on your project but it is a good idea to include a TOU with whatever you create so that people using it understand any limitations there may be.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Awards and Some Thanks Yous

First, Harley has finally done a blog *yay* and you can find it HERE. Secondly, she said some lovely things and gave me an award -

Now I have to pass it on to four others and say why I picked them, so here goes...

Raeven's Tuts'n'Tags - Raeven ran the first MSN group I ever joined, she always encouraged me and got me writing tutorials (and many others along the way lol).

Sentimental Style - Melissa gives of her time and talent so generously and she has inspired so many! If anyone deserves an award for excellence it is her!!!!

Digifree - the best scrap resource on the web! Maria is a genius!

Alo Designz - I just love the scripts and the creativity. Keep doing what you're doing girls!

I have also received the friendship award again from Starfire Designs. Thank you so much ♥. I will also pass this along to the 4 blogs named above.

And finally, I'd like to say a big thank you to those people who have wished me well in my selling ventures and those have left lovely comments on my 4shared or here. It means a lot.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Some New Scripts

I have some new scripts I've been working on. The following scripts are available for purchase at Mis-Taken Art. The scripts are $5 each, larger than I usually do and are for Commercial Use -


I also have a freebie for you. There are two scripts in the pack to do different size ricrac -


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Some News and a Freebie

I've been a bit tardy with my blog for the past week or so and that is because I have signed with Mistaken Art to sell some of my designer resources for commercial use. I have been busy getting some things ready to sell. I will also be offering a Personal Use license for taggers that will have any tubes that I do for commercial use but they will smaller and at a lower resolution than the commercial use stuff. I'm hoping to be able to get PSP to pay its way lol and if I don't give it a go I will always wonder about what could have been.

It is still my intention to have plenty of freebies available on my blog as well and certainly everything that has been posted on my blog to date will remain free to use. My Commercial Use TOU have been changed but still say basically the same thing. I hope everyone continues to enjoy using the things I make.

Speaking of freebies, as I have been in a designing frame of mind, I have done up some seamless pattern tiles that can be used to make papers for scraps or backgrounds for tags, etc. They are all greyscale and ready for colouring. Click on the preview to download.


If you would like to have a look at what is available for sale at MtA then click on the previews below. I have made everything larger than I normally do so that those who are into scrapping rather than tagging might find something of use for them too. All of the Commercial Use items have a higher resolution than the tagging/personal use items.

More Awards

Thank you to Vella from Wench Designs for this award - very much appreciated!

Thank you to Missladyhawke for the "Friendship Around The World" Award. I agree with your post on your blog too - it is a honour to receive it.

Now I'm supposed to pass these on to three other blogs but everywhere I go it seems everyone has already received this award and others so I'm having a bit of difficulty with that lol. I thoroughly recommend all the blogs I have listed in the side bar >>>> and visit them often.

Thank you again Vella and Missladyhawke ♥